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About us

Eyup Taymur

Chairman, CEO of Temo Power Inc.

Unless it is sustainable, don’t say I have an energy resource.

Eyup Taymur

CEO of Temo Power Inc.

Dear Our Partner Investors,

I am very pleased to invest and be in trade with you in such a promising renewable energy market. Socioeconomic environments are moving fast thanks to progresses in utilization of energy resources. In response, we will yield full advantage of Temo Power’s exclusive collective skills to adapt and optimize its portfolio to the changing times. We are always curious in which areas to strengthen our existence and in which to apply our know-how to grow future Energy Industries. We are entirely dedicated to making the optimum business portfolio at any certain time.

Temo Power’s strengths are the collective proficiencies to empower its complete understanding across all renewable industries, its proficiency in regarding PV technology and its depth of management capacity to run solar facilities. We will utilize those abilities to recognize probable growing potential resources, inspire them into energy markets and ultimately establish them as next-generation electricity production and management industry. When we are no longer capable of adding value to an area in renewables, we will forward investment to the field where we can add value.

Right to Temo Power’s business philosophy, the two professional values, we will do our best to follow the expectations of our partner investors and expanding our businesses in such a way as to simultaneously produce economic, social and environmental value.

We would like to thank you for your confidence and look forward to working together further for prospective future.

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